RBC Industrial & Maritime safety

Is your business in the industrial or maritime sector? RBC IMS takes care of safety on any industrial or maritime work site. RBC IMS supplies safety staff, safety equipment and technical solutions for onshore and offshore locations, business premises and ships.

Safety, our core business

Exceptional and high-risk work is always supported by our safety staff, in combination with technical resources if desired. For short or long projects, onshore or offshore projects, renovation or new construction projects, in combination with the right safety equipment and technical know-how, RBC IMS is your guarantee of safe and thorough project management. RBC IMS guarantees your safety.

Highly qualified staff is very important to RBC. People who know exactly what to do in what situation. To reach and maintain a high level, our safety staff receive an extensive package of courses and training. All this knowledge is frequently refreshed with various revision courses and training.

Safety staff

Accidents are often just like an iceberg. The tip is visible, but the part under water is where the danger lies.

Unfortunately, accidents do happen. Serious and fatal accidents make the news: the tip of the iceberg. Every year, there are thousands of near-accidents that do not make the news but that could have ended very differently.

What you don’t know or don’t see is and remains the most dangerous. RBC helps to bring light to unsafe situations and to take preventive actions for your organisation where necessary. The safety staff literally brings everything to the surface to contribute to your safety.

Safety equipment

Temporary need for safety equipment? Detection equipment, protection equipment, fall protection or communication tools?

RBC IMS will provide you with the safety equipment and materials you need in no-time. They are always in perfect condition and provided with inspection reports, and we ensure that the safety equipment and materials get to you. You can simply continue with your work!

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Technical solutions

Fire and safety inspections for work in and/or on confined and special spaces can be organised in various ways. Traditionally, this inspection is done by industrial fire and safety services.

However, it can be advantageous to do it ‘differently’. For example, consider the manageability of complex situations; confined spaces with several entrances at various levels or confined spaces where supervision of the work is difficult or impossible in the conventional way.

More options 

The ‘other way’ is using technology for supervision. This technology consists of three (modular) components: camera surveillance inside and outside the confined/special space, digital access registration and continuous gas detection. In combination with physical area supervision we provide optimal, manageable and affordable way of ensuring safety.

Realising an increased safety level can certainly go hand in hand with lower costs. RBC knows how!

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