RBC, a family business from the start, is proud of its roots and the unique character of its organisation! Over the past 20 years, RBC has grown to become a leading organisation in the field of safety in the Netherlands and beyond. Aside from the Netherlands, we have a Belgian branch and operations in Germany.

We strive to build long-term relationships. We respect our business relations and are loyal to our partners. Customers from the very beginning are still with us. Our customers are always satisfied with the services we provide in every field.

RBC values identity and image, including our image as an employer. We consider being a good employer to be vitally important. This results in employees who are loyal to RBC and work with the same enthusiasm around the clock for you and for us.

Since its origins, RBC has been a trustworthy partner.

The beginning

Philip and Peter Tooren establish the company Regionale Brandwachten Centrale VOF (Regional Fire Services Centre Partners) at the Mijnsherenlaan, Rotterdam on 1 February 1994. The necessary VCA/SCC certification is obtained immediately. Father and son become a household name in the fire-fighting world in no time.

Establishment of R.B.C. B.V., the Regionale Brandwachten Centrale, by Philip Tooren, Peter and Michel Tooren. The company moves to the Vosbergendam in Rotterdam and grows to 11 employees.

RBC moves to a new office, housed in the Rivium business park in Capelle aan den IJssel.

Expansion of the office at the Rivium. RBC continues to grow strongly in terms of turnover, customers and employees. The number of employees triples to 33 in two years.

Further expansion

Oilfield merges into RBC. RBC BV continues to grow steadily and also draws more and more international attention. Peter and Michel Tooren become 100% owners; they take over the shares held by their father; Philip Tooren.

2002 – 2004
Peter and Michel Tooren continue with their ‘hands on’ mentality. This is also expected of employees. Growth and staff management requires them to be at the office more. Work clothes are worn more than business suits because they continue to be involved in all aspects of the business.
RBC returns to Rotterdam and moves into a new head office. The premises at Aploniastraat 82 provide many more possibilities and facilities. This makes RBC even better able to offer its services optimally.

Establishment of RBC Brandbeveiliging (Fire Protection) Nederland B.V. The second branch of the company primarily focuses on inland shipping and shipyards. RBC Fire Protection does this so successfully that it receives requests from other industries. With the basic idea of “do what you say, keep your promises” they also quickly become a household name in these industries.

In 2005, the adjoining building on the Aploniastraat is acquired together with a workshop and warehouse.

Pioneer and cofounder of RBC, Philip Tooren, takes permanent leave of RBC.

Establishment of RBC Flex B.V., a temp agency. This third division is a rational development in view of the high demand for permanent and temporary staff within the industries in which RBC is active and the enormous network that RBC has.

RBC moves to the Stolwijkstraat, the current head office.

Elkon Handelsmaatschappij B.V. is taken over. Elkon ultimately merges into RBC Brandbeveiliging Nederland BV.

2008 – 2009
Curious about the RBC’s success, RBC is closely watched by international concerns. This ultimately results in collaboration.

Complete safety

Richer for the experience, the Tooren brothers return to independent operations. The international know-how coupled with Dutch professionalism takes RBC beyond national borders. The organisation now consists of 110 employees.

RBC Nederland implements a complete rebranding in 2010 with the motto ´complete in safety´. All the divisions get a new logo/corporate identity that reflect the strength and quality of RBC within each industry in which they operate.

The new website and the new corporate brochure are launched in August 2010.

RBC takes over Intersafe Mobile Safety Services (IMSS) from Intersafe Groeneveld and incorporates IMSS and its staff into the RBC Industrial & Maritime Safety division.

Safety and security are inextricably connected to each other. RBC Security, the fourth division within RBC, is therefore a logical next step. RBC is now able to solve project-related security issues for customers.

A Belgian office is opened in Antwerp. VCA/SCC–P (VCA/SCC Petrochemicals) certification is obtained. Belgium consists of RBC Fire Protection and RBC Industrial & Maritime Safety. The RBC website is completely restyled and now also includes a rental web shop. The name of RBC Flex B.V. is changed from RBC Flexible Staffing to RBC Staffing Solutions.

Proudly opened our office in Antwerp for branch RBC Belgium, after a complete renovation of this unique location. During an introduction day; we presented our customers and associates our new RBC establishment at Kauwenstein in Antwerp.

After careful consideration, SERIS Netherlands decided to transfer all activities of the former SERIS Safety Division to RBC Group. RBC Group takes over the Dutch part of the SERIS Safety Division and this division is included in our division RBC Industrial & Maritime Security. From September 7, 2015 the name SERIS Safety will no longer be conducted in the Netherlands.