Our divisions


We supply safety products, gas detection equipment, life vests, respiratory protection equipment and fall protection equipment, we supply and inspect fire fighting equipment, tools and a wide range of systems, and we provide transport.

We also supply certified, highly qualified safety, rescue, security and fire fighting personnel and provide safety training courses by certified instructors in a well-equipped training environment.

RBC has it in-house. RBC takes care of it. For you and your organisation.


We are complete safety

RBC, a family business from the start, is proud of its roots and the unique character of its organisation! Over the past 20 years, RBC has grown to become a leading organisation in the field of safety in the Netherlands and beyond. Aside from the Netherlands, we have a Belgian branch and operations in Germany.

We strive to build long-term relationships. We respect our business relations and are loyal to our partners. Customers from the very beginning are still with us. Our customers are always satisfied with the services we provide in every field.

RBC values identity and image, including our image as an employer. We consider being a good employer to be vitally important. This results in employees who are loyal to RBC and work with the same enthusiasm around the clock for you and for us.

Since its origins, RBC has been a trustworthy partner.