RBC Security

Security and safety. Inextricably connected to each other.

More than security

A good looking suit, walking guard rounds, seniority, authority. Each of these is important for a security guard. As far as RBC Security is concerned, security guards above all need to be competent and well-trained. RBC Security fills positions that you might not think of as important for security such as receptionists and hosts or hostesses. RBC Security goes just that little bit further than other organisations, in every aspect.

Top priority

Sound strategic advice and access to the right advanced technical tools are also very important. Aside from professional advisors, RBC Security has all the technical security equipment possible to provide you with optimal support. Proper and thorough security for your building, ship, job site, products or raw materials, and especially of your people and your customers, is RBC Security’s top priority.

Complete in safety

RBC Security, certified by the police under registration number ND 3747, forms part of an organisation where everything and everyone is permeated by the fact that safety must always come first everywhere. That is why RBC Security, as well as the other divisions of RBC, stands for ´complete in safety´. This creates obligations. Take it from us: RBC Security is up to the task!

All services

In summary, RBC Security provides the following services:

  • Security guards
  • Technical solutions
  • Consultancy and advice
  • Other services

Are you interested in what RBC Security can do for you? Please contact us. It’s easy to make an appointment!